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Liánjiāng Shì

County-level City in Zhànjiāng Shì (Guăngdōng)

County-level City

The population of Liánjiāng Shì.

Liánjiāng Shì廉江市County-level City1,443,099
Zhànjiāng Shì湛江市Prefecture-level City6,994,832

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Liánjiāng Shì.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānpū Zhèn安铺镇TownLiánjiāng Shì106,504
Chángshān Zhèn长山镇TownLiánjiāng Shì51,784
Chēbăn Zhèn车板镇TownLiánjiāng Shì39,578
Chéngbĕi Jiēdàobàn城北街道Urban SubdistrictLiánjiāng Shì43,452
Chéngnán Jiēdàobàn城南街道Urban SubdistrictLiánjiāng Shì41,180
Gāoqiáo Zhèn高桥镇TownLiánjiāng Shì31,389
Héchún Zhèn河唇镇TownLiánjiāng Shì82,496
Héliáo Zhèn和寮镇TownLiánjiāng Shì33,911
Héngshān Zhèn横山镇TownLiánjiāng Shì112,183
Jíshuĭ Zhèn吉水镇TownLiánjiāng Shì75,148
Liángtóng Zhèn良垌镇TownLiánjiāng Shì114,012
Luózhōu Jiēdàobàn罗州街道Urban SubdistrictLiánjiāng Shì124,088
Qīngpíng Zhèn青平镇TownLiánjiāng Shì102,485
Shíchéng Zhèn石城镇TownLiánjiāng Shì69,876
Shíjiăo Zhèn石角镇TownLiánjiāng Shì48,404
Shíjĭng Zhèn石颈镇TownLiánjiāng Shì42,693
Shílĭng Zhèn石岭镇TownLiánjiāng Shì96,285
Tángpéng Zhèn塘蓬镇TownLiánjiāng Shì69,652
Xīnmín Zhèn新民镇TownLiánjiāng Shì42,790
Yătáng Zhèn雅塘镇TownLiánjiāng Shì40,616
Yíngzĭ Zhèn营仔镇TownLiánjiāng Shì74,573

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).