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Zhāngpŭ Xiàn

County in Zhāngzhōu Shì (Fújiàn)


The population of Zhāngpŭ Xiàn.

Zhāngpŭ Xiàn漳浦县County802,971
Zhāngzhōu Shì漳州市Prefecture-level City4,809,983

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The population of the townships in Zhāngpŭ Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báizhúhú Nóngchăng白竹湖农场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn1,657
Chángqiáo Nóngchăng长桥农场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn2,077
Chángqiáo Zhèn长桥镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn12,501
Chìhú Zhèn赤湖镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn54,008
Chìlĭng Shēzú Xiāng赤岭畲族乡Rural TownshipZhāngpŭ Xiàn11,155
Chìtŭ Xiāng赤土乡Rural TownshipZhāngpŭ Xiàn17,669
Dàimàoshān Cháchăng玳瑁山茶场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn440
Dànánbăn Zhèn大南坂镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn9,505
Dùxún Zhèn杜浔镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn58,377
Fótán Zhèn佛昙镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn54,360
Guānxún Zhèn官浔镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn18,028
Gŭléi Zhèn古雷镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn36,020
Húxī Shēzú Xiāng湖西畲族乡Rural TownshipZhāngpŭ Xiàn22,769
Jiùzhèn Zhèn旧镇镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn68,880
Liù'áo Zhèn六鳌镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn25,165
Măpíng Zhèn马坪镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn14,700
Nánpŭ Xiāng南浦乡Rural TownshipZhāngpŭ Xiàn7,833
Nánshān Huáqiáo Cháguŏchăng [Nanshan Overseas Chinese Tea Fruit Farm]南山华侨茶果场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn894
Pántuó Zhèn盘陀镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn27,510
Qiántíng Zhèn前亭镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn28,423
Shāxī Zhèn沙西镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn41,658
Shēntŭ Zhèn深土镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn48,085
Shígŭ Nóngchăng石古农场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn2,052
Shíliú Zhèn石榴镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn41,386
Suí'ān Zhèn绥安镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn128,141
Wàn'ān Nóngchăng万安农场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn5,849
Xiàcài Línchăng下蔡林场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn312
Xiámĕi Zhèn霞美镇TownZhāngpŭ Xiàn54,382
Zhāngpŭ Yánchăng 漳浦盐场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn7,379
Zhōngxī Línchăng中西林场Township-like AreaZhāngpŭ Xiàn1,756

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.