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Líntóng Qū

District in Xī'ān Shì (Shănxī)


The population of Líntóng Qū.

Líntóng Qū临潼区District655,875
Xī'ān Shì西安市Sub-provincial City9,038,369

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Líntóng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕitián Jiēdào北田街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū22,416
Dàiwáng Jiēdào代王街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū49,037
Hézhài Jiēdào何寨街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū29,469
Jiāokŏu Jiēdào交口街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū25,480
Língkŏu Jiēdào零口街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū31,628
Líshān Jiēdào骊山街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū82,337
Lìyáng Jiēdào栎阳街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū28,389
Mă'é Jiēdào马额街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū20,943
Mùzhài Jiēdào穆寨街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū9,286
Qínlíng Jiēdào秦陵街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū28,288
Rènliú Jiēdào任留街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū21,635
Rénzōng Jiēdào仁宗街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū8,621
Tiĕlú Jiēdào铁炉街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū15,995
Xiāngqiáo Jiēdào相桥街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū31,701
Xiăojīn Jiēdào小金街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū6,288
Xiékŏu Jiēdào斜口街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū64,266
Xīnfēng Jiēdào新丰街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū38,022
Xíngzhĕ Jiēdào行者街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū25,821
Xīnshì Jiēdào新市街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū28,153
Xīquán Jiēdào西泉街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū22,259
Xúyáng Jiēdào徐杨街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū21,901
Yóuhuái Jiēdào油槐街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū23,321
Yŭjīn Jiēdào雨金街道Urban SubdistrictLíntóng Qū20,619

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).