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Qīnggāng Xiàn

County in Suíhuà Shì (Hēilóngjiāng)


The population of Qīnggāng Xiàn.

Qīnggāng Xiàn青冈县County474,422
Suíhuà Shì绥化市Prefecture-level City5,418,153

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The population of the townships in Qīnggāng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chāngshèng Zhèn昌盛镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn21,204
Déshèng Zhèn德胜镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn31,942
Jiànshè Xiāng建设乡Rural TownshipQīnggāng Xiàn21,620
Láodòng Zhèn劳动镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn32,925
Liánfēng Xiāng连丰乡Rural TownshipQīnggāng Xiàn18,311
Lúhé Zhèn芦河镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn22,447
Mínzhèng Zhèn民政镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn26,144
Qīnggāng Xiàn Yuánzhŏng Chăng青冈县原种场Township-like AreaQīnggāng Xiàn1,133
Qīnggāng Xiàn Zhŏng Măchăng青冈县种马场Township-like AreaQīnggāng Xiàn1,864
Qīnggāng Xiàn Zhŏngyáng Chăng青冈县种羊场Township-like AreaQīnggāng Xiàn590
Qīnggāng Zhèn青冈镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn111,395
Xīncūn Xiāng新村乡Rural TownshipQīnggāng Xiàn12,657
Xīnghuá Zhèn兴华镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn29,487
Yíngchūn Zhèn迎春镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn21,083
Yŏngfēng Zhèn永丰镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn24,777
Zhàgăng Zhèn柞岗镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn31,058
Zhēnxiáng Zhèn祯祥镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn40,315
Zhōnghé Zhèn中和镇TownQīnggāng Xiàn25,470

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).