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Shāpíngbà Qū

District in Chóngqìng Municipal Province

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Shāpíngbà QūDistrict沙坪坝区1,000,013
Chénjiāqiáo JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict陈家桥街道54,828
Cíqìkŏu JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict磁器口街道18,963
Fènghuáng ZhènTown凤凰镇19,902
Gēlèshān JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict歌乐山街道10,950
Gēlèshān ZhènTown歌乐山镇41,674
Huílóngbà ZhènTown回龙坝镇26,582
Hŭxī JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict虎溪街道54,079
Jĭngkŏu JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict井口街道25,679
Jĭngkŏu ZhènTown井口镇27,404
Liánfāng Yuánqū JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict联芳街道24,778
Qīngmùguān ZhènTown青木关镇30,469
Shāndòng JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict山洞街道3,075
Shāpíngbà JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict沙坪坝街道73,290
Shíjĭngpō JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict石井坡街道33,184
Shuāngbēi Jiēdào [Zhānjiāxī Jiēdào]Urban Subdistrict双碑街道31,683
Tánjiāgăng JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict覃家岗街道79,544
Tiānxīngqiáo JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict天星桥街道77,470
Tóngjiāqiáo JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict童家桥街道47,873
Tŭwān JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict土湾街道45,144
Tŭzhŭ ZhènTown土主镇18,303
Xiăolóngkăn JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict小龙坎街道35,167
Xīnqiáo JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict新桥街道52,762
Xīyŏng JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict西永街道26,140
Yúbèilù JiēdàoUrban Subdistrict渝碚路街道100,012
Zēngjiā ZhènTown曾家镇23,947
Zhōngliáng ZhènTown中梁镇17,111
Chóngqìng ShìProvincial City重庆市28,846,170

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, counties and districts as of 2020, as far as sufficient information is available. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (C 2010)
Age Groups (C 2010)
0-14 years91,239
15-64 years825,991
65+ years82,783